Why I’m doing this: reading scores to prison beds

Most of us in TFA have heard it before: many states (mississippi included) forecast the number of prison beds based on 3rd and 4th grade reading scores.

Think about that. *teacher pause*

That is why I am here. I wish it was legal for me to post pictures of my wonderful, brilliant, insightful, optimistic kids’ faces. Half of the class wants to grow up to be pediatricians. Statistics say that they won’t get there. It breaks my heart that many of these seventh graders read at a fourth grade reading level. It breaks my heart even more to know that we have the the high achieving seventh grade class. It makes me angry that these kids have been told over and over again that they can’t. It makes me cry when my favorite student (shhh, don’t tell anyone) writes, “I know my teacher [referring to me] cares about me because she tells us she loves us every day.” These are incredible children. I want them all to graduate high school. I want them all go to college. As we drive through the poverty that surrounds their school, I tell myself, every single one of my kids can have better than this–achieve their dreams–and I make it my mission to ensure that every single one of them knows that.


About Emily M.

I'm a California girl transplanted to Mississippi! I'm a recent college graduate (go bears!) off to Mississippi to start a new adventure, teach kids some good things, and (hopefully) make a difference!
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